This was on IRC: [23:26] wheres little cuba? [23:27] <Me> Off the coast of little Florida? [23:32] <o> theres a little florida?

Geek Points

This was a conversation with an old co-worker on 27Jul07: (20:21:01) K: the new tivo is hd. i dont have hd. i dont even have digital cable (20:21:40) K: yeah, i know by saying that, i lose major geek points, but oh well. (20:25:15) Gemini: You had geek points? (20:27:49) Gemini: (20:27:51) Gemini: I’m … Read more

Some interesting links

Good Afternoon Everyone, These are some links which I found interesting today while surfing the web: Beauties With Big Brains-I like #2 the best. Beauties With Big Brains Honorable Mentions-I’m kind of at a toss-up between Reese and Danica How Google got this guy out of a speeding ticket Atheist Mistreatment in Iraq (US Military)-Its … Read more


Hello, This other day I was reading which is an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about an encryption program called PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) which is still one of the standards in personal file and email encryption. But I thought this part was interesting: <snip> Q: Why should I encrypt my mail? I’m not doing … Read more