Geek Points

This was a conversation with an old co-worker on 27Jul07:

(20:21:01) K: the new tivo is hd. i dont have hd. i dont even have digital cable

(20:21:40) K: yeah, i know by saying that, i lose major geek points, but oh well.

(20:25:15) Gemini: You had geek points?

(20:27:49) Gemini:

(20:27:51) Gemini: I’m tempted

(20:30:41) K: yeah, i saw it. like i said. i dont have hd. and yes i had geek points. i keep them hidden behind my goth points, but i pull a few out every once in a while

(20:31:59) Gemini: Are TiVoToGo and Multi-Room Viewing available on TiVo HD?TiVoToGo and Multi-Room Viewing are not currently available on the TiVo HD DVR. We expect that a version of TiVoToGo and Multi-Room Viewing features will be made available for the TiVo HD DVR in the future.

(20:32:17) Gemini: Thats the only reason I’m not planing to get one right away

(20:32:17) K: if i let on that im intelligent, people will expect it from me and will be disappointed when i dont pull a rabbit out of my ass, but if i let people believe i am what my appearance gives off, then when i pull a rabbit out of my ass, they are impressed.

(20:32:47) Gemini: Have I ever seen you pull a rabbit?

(20:33:10) K: compared to your geek points, all im pulling out are rabbits feet