Something that pisses me off

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Things like this piss me off:
“Batavia parents to shell out for back-to-school”

To sum it up, the school district shelled out thousands of dollars to upgrade to Office 2007 and rather then making a couple changes on their domain policies so that Office 2007 saves files in a format compatible with Office 2000/XP/2003.

Or better yet, move to Star Office which is free for educational institutions and is almost as good as Office for about $500/computer less.

Then the parents could get OpenOffice which is free (Star Office if they want to pay for support).

There are VERY few things MS Office can do that OpenOffice/StarOffice can’t do that. None of which I believe a school would be teaching their students to do.

What I can’t believe is in public schools, there are some parents who can barely make ends meet and the school district is asking the parents to spend almost $100 on one thing for school that ISN’T needed and in a few years, they’ll be asking the parents to upgrade again.